What Can Cause A Pipe To Leak

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January 13, 2020

What Can Cause A Pipe To Leak

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A pipe leak is generally caused by prior clogging of the pipe, leading to leaks from the affected area. It typically does not happen overnight and does worsen over time. If left unattended, large leaks or even a pipe burst may occur. As such, it is best that pipe leaks are resolved promptly.
In this article, we shall cover the various common causes behind pipe leaks, the precautions that you can take to maintain them as well as what you should do once a leak is discovered.

Pipes can Break Down

In your house, a network of pipes exists, providing water for various appliances and personal consumption. Often times, they lie out of sight and thus out of mind. Few of us consider their importance or their condition until a leak sprouts out from them. At which point, a massive inconvenience emerges for the entire household.
Not only will your utilities bill experience an unwelcomed spike, but water may also deal damage to your property. For example, if water penetrates your floor or walls, excess moisture will be introduced into these areas. In these hidden spaces which are deprived of light, a ripe environment for mould growth and decay emerges. As such, the structural integrity of your home will be weakened, thus endangering everyone.
To reduce the possibility of pipe leakages, you should observe our following tips:
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Keep Your Drainage Area Clean

For starters, you should avoid throwing away waste or risking any drainage of foreign objects into your drainage. Many people treat their sink or toilet as waste bins, conveniently disposing of their wanted thrash by flushing them down. In such situations, the pipes are at risk of quickly becoming choked.
Other common organic material that clog household pipes include hair and food scraps. While you are unlikely to intentionally dump such foreign objects into your piping, by accident, these materials are prone to being drained down.
To reduce the chances of such organic materials entering your piping, we recommend that you install a sink screen that would prevent small organic matter from being drained down your sink. As for toilets, special care should be taken to keep the drainage area clean.
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Reduce Water Pressure

When you are using any faucets at home, effort should be made to minimise the pressure of the water. High water pressure generates greater force within your pipes, thus risking damage to them. This is especially so if the pipe’s area has already been reduced due to the presence of foreign objects.
As a safety net, you can install showerheads or engage a plumber to reduce the pressure of your taps. These will automatically reduce the amount of water pressure exerted on your pipes and thus safeguard them.
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Common Areas for Water Leakages

If you suspect a water leak in your home, you could first begin investigating by checking the following areas of your home:
  • Kitchens commonly contain a sink area and pipes that run under the sink. Two leakages frequently happen here – at the base of a loose faucet or from pipes under your sink. From time to time, you should use a torchlight to check on the condition of these pipes. Any excessive moisture or dripping should serve as a warning signal.
  • Bathrooms are also prone to leakages due to the number of pipes and potentially a heater within. More worrisome than kitchens, bathrooms provide an environment that is suitable for mould and mildew growth owing to the lesser amount of light that is allowed in.
  • Toilet bowls may also leak form the water tank due to a malfunction. A quick test for toilet bowl leakages involves placing coloured food dye into the water tank and observing if the coloured water leaks out.

Hidden Pipe Leaks

Hidden pipe leaks are a tricky issue; as their name suggests, they are hidden behind your walls or panels. As such, water leaks from them are not immediately observable and thus considerable damage could have taken place before any symptoms are spotted. If you do spot any peeling paint, and browning of a surface, you can perform a simple check of hidden leakages.
Start by turning off all your water appliances and checking your water meter after an hour. If significant changes are observed, then you can ascertain that a hidden water leakage is indeed plaguing your home.

Trust Plumbing Electrical Engineering to Fix Your Pipe Leaks

Once you have confirmed that a pipe leakage does indeed exist in your home, you should immediately contact emergency plumber services.
Plumbing Electrical Engineering offers 24 hour plumbing service for Singapore households. We employ a team of experienced and certified plumbers & electricians that are fully capable of solving any plumbing issues that you may have. Furthermore, we provide a 90 days warranty period; rest assured that your plumbing issue will be resolved.

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