What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

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December 30, 2019
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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

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All homeowners are bound to face plumbing issues at some point in time. Just like any other appliance in your home, your pipes, taps, toilets and other water based appliances experience wear and tear over time. As such, when they become worn out, leaks start to occur.

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Fortunately, most plumbing issues can be solved with a simple phone call to a plumbing company. If you are unsure of what to look out for, then here is a list of the most common plumbing problems.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet happens when an obstruction is created within the piping of your toilet. This is typically caused by a foreign objects such as nappies or sanitary pads that has been flushed down the loo. Alternatively, excessive use of toilet paper in a single event can also lead to clogging.
To fix a clogged toilet, a plunger or plumbing snake can be used to dislodge the blockage. While the process is relatively simple, it can be very dirty and unhygienic. As such, many homeowners opt to instead engage emergency plumber Singapore services to quickly resolve the problem for them.

Blocked Drainage Systems

Do you find that water in your toilet or sink is draining at a slower rate than before? If so, then you have a blocked drain. Foreign objects that get trapped in your pipe such as hair, grease and food particles form obstructions.
Similar to that of clogged toilets, blocked drains can also be fixed using a plunger or drain snake. Alternatively, if grease is a known blocking substance in your pipe, then a grease removing agent can also be used.

Leaking Faucets

If you hear dripping sounds coming from your faucet then you likely have a leaky faucet. This is a common problem that arises from the daily wear and tear of your tap’s usage.
To fix a leaky faucet, you first need to know what type of faucet it is. Generally, there are three types of faucets – ceramic disk faucet, cartridge faucet and ball faucet. Each type of faucet functions differently and thus require a different fixing procedure.
Once you have determined your faucet type, you may proceed to dissemble it, clean the various components and replace the worn out parts.

Running Toilets

Related to leaking faucets are running toilets, which describe worn out toilets that have water constantly running form the tank to the bowl. This happens as the flapper has likely been worn out and is out of position thus allowing water to escape the tank.
A simple replacement of the flapper should be sufficient to stop a running toilet. If your toilet continues to leak after this, then a deeper inspection is required. You may engage a >24 hour plumbing service to check all components of your toilet to find any other defects.

Water Heater Leaks

Over time, water heaters will start to malfunction, with water leakages among the most common of issues emerging. Commonly, bursts of water leaking from the heater will be witnessed accompanied by loud squirting sounds.
It is important to stress that water heaters should only be fixed by professionals. There is a high possibility of a freak accident happening when attempting to perform a DIY fix of a heater. In the worst of cases, you may be sprayed by boiling hot water and face serious injuries.

Weak Water Pressure

If you find that the water pressure of your taps and sinks are weakening over time, then is likely calcium build up in the faucet, showerhead or tap. If you are facing such an issue, you can fix it by soaking the appliance in a de-scaling solution. This helps with removing both calcium and lime.

Bad Sewer Smells

Often times, dry pipes are located under floor drains. When they become clogged up, foul smells will escape into your toilet. Unfortunately, there is not much fixes that can be done by amateurs for clogged dry pipes. Instead, commercial plumbers must be engaged to help relieve the situation.

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks often occur as a consequence of having obstructions in pipes for prolonged periods. These obstructions cause a buildup of water pressure within pipes, thus leading to leaks over time.
Pipe leaks are difficult to detect as pipes may be located behind walls. Since these types of leaks cannot be seen with the naked eye, you will have to rely on symptoms to diagnose them. In particular, if you notice a discoloration of your walls or mold growth then you may have a hidden pipe leak.
It is advisable that you engaged professional plumbers if you have a pipe leak as there is a risk of worsening the situation if they are not handled properly.

Trust Plumbing Electrical Engineering to Fix Your Pipe Leaks

Once you have confirmed that a pipe leakage does indeed exist in your home, you should immediately contact our plumbing services.
Plumbing Electrical Engineering offers 24/7 island wide plumbing services for Singapore households. We employ a team of experienced and certified plumbers & electricians that are fully capable of solving any plumbing issues that you may have. Furthermore, we provide a 90 days warranty period; rest assure that your plumbing issue will be resolved.

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