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We’re a team of accredited plumbing contractors with decades year expertise in this industry. As professional plumbers, we have every updated knowledgeable capacities and solution to ensure every plumbing issues come to our hands will be resolved at reasonable rates with excellent workmanship & services.

Electrical Services

Our team of certified electricians are one of the top most recommended electricians in Singapore that provide 24/7 services as we continue to thrive to be the best. We are competent and committed to perform every electrical job in safe, timely & responsible manner. Count on us and we will give you optional choices after diagnosis.

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Our Testimonials

  • Cyndi Thia
    Just cannot imagine. They totally cleared all my floor chokages in the twinkling of my eyes while previous plumbers even have hard time clearing and left undone but they cleared it right away! Super Super Fast & Efficient! Will recommend & get them again.
    Cyndi Thia
  • Sulaiman
    Well experience and quick to find out the problem after trouble shooting and resolved the power failure. Finally, my electricity is working and back to normal now. Thank you so much!
  • Philip Neo
    They found the line problem easily as it was due to the interruption while I have not been able to resolve the issue. Fees affordable. Thank you Plumbing Electrical Engrg!
    Philip Neo
  • Mdm Teo
    I have been contacting Plumbing Electrical Engrg for many years as I find them reliable & highly skillful. Finished fast especially in choke clearance and price is reasonable.
    Mdm Teo
  • Darlyl Choong
    I engage them because I am impressed by their speedy response and professional troubleshooting. They always managed to get my problems done within half an hour which gives me peace of mind to proceed with my work.
    Darlyl Choong
  • Kenny Tang
    I like coming back to them as their technicians are very serious & responsible. Helped me change the leakage pipe and the price is also reasonable. Thank you.
    Kenny Tang
  • Veronica Sim
    My toilet bowl was choked, overflowed and stink. 3 contractors came down trying to clear but created more mess than ever! Finally, my neighbor recommended this contractor to me. They are really fast and efficient to take up the job without further mess and did not replace another toilet bowl which all the previous guys were suggesting. I am soooo happy now and wish to give them 5 thumb up for their professionalism & skillful job! No damages! Great job!
    Veronica Sim
  • Jonathan Lim
    They were strongly recommended by my relative to rewire my resale flat and to replace additional items like energy saving lighting points, power sockets, tv point & ceiling fan. The work was skillfully done with good pricing. Highly recommended! TQVM
    Jonathan Lim
  • Danielle Khoo
    I don’t know where the kitchen pipe is blocked. However, they are fast to identify the source and solve it instantaneously. Thank you Plumbing Electrical Engrg!
    Danielle Khoo
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